BoF meetings and Focus Demos

Julia in AstronomyPaul BarrettBoF (Birds of a Feather)
TAP and the Data ModelsLaurent Michel, Mireille Louys, Dave MorrisBoF (Birds of a Feather)
Interactively Visualizing Massive Images and Catalogs in Jupyter with AAS WorldWide TelescopePeter K. G. WilliamsFocus Demo
Astronomical Image Processing at Scale With Pegasus and Montage.G. Bruce Berriman, Ewa Deelman, John GoodFocus Demo
PyCPL and PyEsoRex: The ESO Common Pipeline Library in PythonAnthony HortonFocus Demo
RETR-SPECT: A semantic RETRieval engine for SPECtra, to seek similarities in the deeply encoded spaceNima SedaghatFocus Demo
Jdaviz: An interactive visual data analysis tool for JWST in the Jupyter platformRicky O’SteenFocus Demo
CASSIS and Aladin interfaced to build a new spectral data cube analysis toolBonnarel Fran├žoisFocus Demo