Financial Aid

Every year the ADASS Program Organizing Committee provides financial support to a limited number of conference participants who apply for it.

Financial aid will be offered subject to budgetary constraints. As a priority, we will seek to sponsor South African students, postdocs and speakers wishing to attend the meeting in person. Financial aid can take the form of the reduction (or even a waiver) of registration fees, as well as (possibly) travel support. As a second priority, we may waive registration fees for students wishing to participate virtually.

If you wish to be considered a candidate for financial aid, you are required to formalize your application for financial aid by sending us a cover letter providing details about what you hope to get from attending ADASS, indicating the type (oral, poster) and title of your contribution if you have submitted one, and your CV.

If you are a student, a recommendation letter from your supervisor is required. We will contact your supervisor, so please ensure that you include their name and contact information in your cover letter.

The deadline for financial aid applications is 30 August, 2021.

Send you cover letter by email to: