Invited talks

Scaling Science in the Era of Survey AstronomyAndy Connolly
Teaching Resources for Virtual ObservatoryChenzhou Cui
Anomaly Detection in Astronomical Data using Machine LearningMichelle Lochner
Taking Passengers on Planetary Exploration Vessels: Benefits of Engaging Space Enthusiast Communities with Rapidly Released Image DataEmily Lakdawalla
A Next-Generation Very Large ArrayEric J. Murphy
The TOM Toolkit: Power tools to enhance science and observationsRachel Street
Quantifying scientific correctness in radio interferometric imagingUrvashi Rau
FAIR standards for astronomical dataSimon O’Toole
Exploring Mars with 150,000 EarthlingsMeg Schwamb
GALAXY CRUISE Engages Citizen Astronomers to Explore GalaxiesKumiko Usuda