We are preparing for the possibility of a hybrid meeting, with a limited number of participants meeting physically (while observing social distancing precautions), and the rest of the world connecting online. We feel this would be particularly beneficial to the South African astronomy community, as well as to participants from other countries who are prepared to travel to Cape Town in these uncertain times.

If there are not enough participants to make a hybrid meeting practical, ADASS XXXI will revert to a full-on virtual meeting, as in 2020. It is vital for us to gauge the interest in attending a physical meeting. We must therefore ask everybody who is potentially interested in attending *physically* to pre-register before 20 June below:


Pre-registration deadline: 20 June 2021

We are conscious that traveling may not be possible for some, but may be preferred, and possible, for others. When making your choice, please ensure you are following all the recommendations of your home country, any country you may travel through, and South Africa. Please bear in mind that an isolation period may be required in certain places. Please also remember possible restrictions linked to your return journey, should you wish to travel to South Africa. Please visit the South African National COVID-19 Portal for more information.