Upload Instructions

Contribution IDs

All contributions to ADASS 2021 have been assigned a unique identifier in the form XT-NNN, where:

  • X is X for posters, O for talks, I for invited talks, B for BoFs, H for special talks (e.g. the software prize talk) and D for focus demos.
  • T is the theme number (0 to 9). Contributions that specified more than one theme were assigned a core theme
  • NNN is just a running three-digit number.

We call these unique identifiers PIDs. You can look up your PID in the list of talks, posters and/or BoFs & demos.

NB: please check that your name is given correctly, as this is how it will appear in the conference program. If you would like to change it, please adjust the “Name” field on your pretalx profile ASAP!

Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility0
Understanding and improving machine learning1
Modernizing and maintaining telescopes2
Building accessible and friendly user interfaces3
FAIR standards for astronomical data4
Teaching resources for Astroinformatics and Virtual Observatory5
Image processing for the public and scientists6
Big data: 5Vs7
Citizen science in astronomy8


NB: please use SFTP as per the below! Regular FTP is not available.

We have set up an SFTP site for authors to upload videos and PDFs of their contributions. The SFTP server is available as ftp.adass2021.ac.za. The username is just your PID, and the password is ADASSXXXI_PID (insert PID).

We suggest using an FTP client like FileZilla that supports the Secure FTP protocol (ensure to specify port 22). Alternatively, use the sftp utility from your Linux / Mac shell or Windows PowerShell prompt. Connections details are specified below. Please note that you cannot ssh into this machine.

Where to upload

All contributions to ADASS 2021 have been assigned a unique identifier (PID), see above. You will log in using this PID to the SFTP server using the following connection details:

Host: ftp.adass2021.ac.za
User: <Your PID here>
Password: ADASSXXXI_<your PID here>

Should you input the incorrect details here multiple times your IP will be rejected by the server (you will get a connection refused error) for half an hour. You may retry after this period has lapsed.

Once logged in you will be in a folder called upload under your assigned PID. Please upload your files to this folder directly, and not the root folder.

What to upload & naming conventions

See Instructions for authors for details of materials to be uploaded. You can upload three different types of files to your SFTP folder.

  • Your slides (for contributed talks) or poster in .pdf format, with filename <PID>.pdf
  • A video of your talk (25m invited / 12m contributed) or poster lightning talk (1m) in .mp4 format, with filename <PID>.mp4
  • Eventually, the proceedings package for your paper in .tar or .tar.gz format, with filename <PID>.tar[.gz]

Notes on overwriting files

As a (simple) security measure our SFTP site does not allow overwriting or downloading (get) files. If authors wanted to upload a new version of their files, they should specify a new version number in the file name. For instance, the first version of poster P9-999 could be P9-999.pdf; the next version after that could be P9-999_v2.pdf etc. Attempting to upload a new file with the same name would result in an error.

!!! Be warned that the get FTP command will return a zero-length file that may overwrite local contents, depending on how it is issued. We ask that you avoid using this from your prompt! !!!

Please follow these naming conventions very strictly. This file nomenclature will be used to automatically create the links in conference contributions lists or scheduling programs, as well as to process your paper contribution. If your files do not follow this nomenclature, they will not be reachable via the conference program, and your paper may end up missing the proceedings.

Example upload

Here is an example upload session using the sftp utility:

$ sftp O0-009@ftp.adass2021.ac.za
O0-009@ftp.adass2021.ac.za's password: # enter "ADASSXXXI_O0-009" 
Connected to ftp.adass2021.ac.za.
sftp> put O0-009.pdf
Uploading O0-009.pdf to /upload/O0-009.pdf
remote open("/upload/O0-009.pdf"): Permission denied # oops: we have already uploaded, can't overwrite!
sftp> put O0-009.pdf O0-009_v1.pdf # uploading under new version name
Uploading O0-009.pdf to /upload/O0-009_v1.pdf
O0-009.pdf                                             100%  200KB   2.3MB/s   00:00     
sftp> ^D

When to upload

Authors are encouraged to upload their files to their PID directories at their earlier convenience. Deadlines can be found in the Instructions for authors page.